Why choose Us.

Our company has specialized technical staff and an intern at the highest level of expertise, also is the product of accumulated experience in the field of graphic printing and security.

Our Mission.

The company aims to provide appropriate solutions to customers and the environment in the areas of print.

What we Do.

Provide all spare parts for all types of printing machines, printers, security devices and read the security of documents and document imaging devices and other equipment.


Cooperation with global

We have cooperated with international companies specializing in the field of:

  • Printing Passports
  • Identity Cards
  • Paper Processing Security Cards
  • Inks Used in the Field of Security
  • Graphic
  • Programming
  • Organize Data
  • Give Solutions

Printing Solutions

Our company is specialized in the printing of all corporate subsidiaries

Government Departments

To provide consulting services for all government departments in establishing printing and security printing projects.

Graphic Preparation

Rehabilitation of specialized technical staff in the printing and graphic preparation area.

Software & Hardware Layout

Allows for all kinds of software and hardware layout preparation and archiving of data and the central link.

Machines & Accessories

Processing all of the printing machines and accessories competent printing paper such as books, newspapers, magazines and advertisements.

Security Printing

Security printing such as passports, identity cards and licenses market.

Reading Security Data

The provision of devices to read data in security documents such as passports, identity cards and tariff.

Field of Tuning

We have experience in the field of tuning time Modvin.

Security Cameras

Surveillance Cameras and Video Management Systems.

Tracking Systems

Systems vehicle tracking and control of information.